September 4, 2013

Rojac’s silver screen success

A world famous, UK based film studio, which is now open to the public, called upon the services of Rojac Ltd to ensure that tours of the studio where able to continue unhindered and not cause disappointment to the thousands of visitors that pass through its doors.

The film studio houses a myriad of life-size models, animatronics and special effects which have made the film series iconic.  The special effects are controlled electronically via touchpads and the touchpads individually protected by a pin.  However, the studio experienced technical difficulties when it became evident that the touchpads could be tampered with and the special effects disturbed.  To maintain the high expectations of its visitors, the studio required Rojac Ltd to produce and fit covers for the touchpads.

Jonathan Cox, Managing Director of Rojac Ltd said: “As an impressive showcase of British artistry and talent, we were only too pleased to carry out the work for the studio.  We realised how important it was for them to have the special effects in full operation to allow the exceptionally large number of visitors to continue on the walking tours.”