November 18, 2013

Keeping ahead of industry developments

As active members of the industrial laser community, Rojac Limited are members of the Association of Industrial Laser Users. The UK based industry association has a 300 strong membership base stretching over five continents. Membership comprises primarily of laser users in industry and academia and of manufacturers and suppliers of lasers and laser-related equipment or services.

With worldwide recognition, the AILU offers practical advice on both technical and business matters related to laser applications in manufacturing. Rojac’s allegiance to the Association is indicative of its dedication to promoting best practice in industrial laser materials processing, and associated technologies, and to the improvement of the safety standards and performance standards of laser use.

In particular, Rojac Limited are part of The Job Shop Special Interest Group as part of their commitment to the successful running of a laser job shop and to their maintaining of a thorough knowledge of the developments in industry.