September 23, 2013

Serck Heat Transfer

A major designer and manufacturer of heat exchange equipment for the transportation, power generation, construction, defence and process industries has called on our services for a number of years. For Serck Heat Transfer, we have manufactured brass baffle plates and a range of support plates of various dimensions to be used in heat exchangers for the aerospace market. They supply many leading OEMs worldwide and design and manufacture a number of water cooled products using copper/nickel, copper and stainless steel tubes.

Serck also know that their customer’s requirements can change on an almost daily basis. For this reason they needed a flexible, but reliable supplier. Stuart Robathan, Purchasing and Production Planner at Serck Heat Transfer’s Birmingham facility explains: “We chose to use Rojac as they are reliable and we have built up a good relationship over the years. This in its self is a valuable attribute for the type of business we are in as customer requirements change almost daily, which Rojac are able to respond to, with very little notice.”

We know that product quality and short lead times are important to Serck and our technical expertise and high standards of customer service have also been duly noted by them. Stuart added: “My regular point of contact is Radek, a very helpful gentleman who will do whatever he can to help us with any issues we encounter.”