September 30, 2013

Dalen Top-Tec

Since 2009 we have produced security enclosures to be used in university computer installations for a leading supplier of secure workspace furnishing, AV and ICT security products. The enclosures ensure the security of IT equipment in public workrooms within higher education buildings. Dalen TOP-TEC, operates predominantly in the education sector while continuing to produce industrial access platforms, waste, materials handling and storage equipment. 

Commenting on the work Rojac have completed for them, Rob Angell said: “We have always been very pleased with the work that Rojac has done for us. Their work is of a consistently high quality and always produced at the right cost. What stands out most in Rojac’s service, is their ability to turn the work around quickly and maintain short lead times. When we have been under pressure for work, we know that we can rely on Rojac to meet our needs if we require things to be completed earlier. They are a very proactive company and have always responded very well to our requirements.”

Operating from their site in Garetts Green, Birmingham, Dalen TOP-TEC’s design and manufacture of a range of technical furniture solutions successfully combines people and technology, ultimately helping organisations to achieve the best possible outcomes from their collaborative learning and teaching spaces. We look forward to continuing to help Dalen Top-Tec in this field of work.